So you «googled» csaetre, or clicked on a link somewhere looking for info.
Name: Christine Sætre. A Washingtonian for much of my life, I contend Portland and Seattle rate. I almost always draw when I explain things. Cappuccino plays a prominent role in my life.

Fringe details

My preferred text editor remains Notepad ++. I mull over politics and organizational culture in the shower. Interests can be gleaned from this smattering of mainstream articles that amused or provoked; or these bookmarked geeky selections from way back before Yahoo ruined Delicious.

Loving liking Twitter?

Find me at @csaetre and @engineering — and @ntnu. Though Twitter has outgrown its lovely ultimate-back-channel-stage, it has its moments.


I work with web stuff.

That is, by day I work for the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with application development, people and processes. My duties include prototyping, specification, some design and testing.

Current Projects

Innsida 2.0 -- The University Intranet for NTNU, and a few other web-based applications.

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